Community Meetings

What are they? 

FLCA community meetings are an opportunity for community association members to learn more about what the FLCA Board has been working on and will be working on over the next several months. 

Why should people come? 

If you attend you will hear updates about the FLCA’s financial position, community events, committee updates and the activities that we’re planning. You will also hear updates from the Ward 9 Office, our Calgary Police Services Community Resource Officer and our City of Calgary Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator. 

If there is an issue that you would like to discuss at a community meeting, you can request that an item be added to the agenda. Any issues a community association member wants to discuss at a community meeting must be brought forward in writing 30 days prior to the meeting.

Who's allowed? 

If you have a valid/active FLCA membership you are welcome to attend community meetings. 

When are they?

Meetings are held quarterly (March, June, September, January) at the Forest Lawn Community Hall. They typically take place on the last Wednesday of the month, from 7-8 pm.