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Do you want to be apart of the growing Forest Lawn team? Looking for away to contribute to your amazing neighbourhood? Then join a Forest Lawn Board Committee.

Why join committee?

The FLCA is growing and in order to keep growing and to better serve the community members we need more people on committees. By having more people on committees it will allow the FLCA to help find solutions to problems facing our neighbourhood like social disorder, and the development of our community. Committees will also allow the FLCA to host more events like Jelly Bean dances, Neighbour Day Events, and usage of outside space.

 What’s a committee?

A committee is where our neighbours can come together to tackle a common issues or plan future events. Committees allow the FLCA Board to take information, advice and get an extra hand from the community to be able to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Who would want to be on a committee?

Joining a committee is a great way for our community members to give their input and lend an extra hand. We are looking for people that want to be involved with the community either by tackling issues facing Forest Lawn or finding a way to celebrate our great neighbourhood. By joining a committee it gives our community members a chance to see how the Forest Lawn Board is run, and an opportunity to see if joining the board is something they would eventually like to do.

Committees available

  • Social Media Committee
  • Social Disorder Committee
  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Youth Dances Committee 

If you are interested in joining a committee or would like to help create a committee please contact the FLCA Board.

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